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Can't she just get over it?
It's not a big deal

OMG! She's not even a teenager yet!

Ever had those ones run through your head after a school day debrief with your tween?

Or maybe these are more familiar.....

She has a best friend one day but they are 'frenemies' the next (or maybe that's just between recess and lunch).

What? A best friend? She's never had one of those.

She doesn't try new things because she says "No" or hides behind you while you do all the introductions.

She can't name one thing she does well or it's always just the same superficial answer.
("I have nice hair" is a popular one however she is WAY more than her looks).

The emotional, afternoon rollercoaster begins the minute she slams the car door at the 'kiss and drop' zone.

Her friends (or frenemies) call all the shots and she appears powerless to say otherwise.

You should be able to help right?
But the words just don't come out in a way she can relate to and so you find yourself saying, "Just ignore it", or "Find someone else to play with" but that's not helping either.

I Get It!
Because working with tweens and their parents is what I do.
You're not alone.

The tweens are a tricky time. It's like your baby girl has changed over night and maybe you're not sure how to manage her.

Or if she hasn't changed, her friendships are starting to become way more complex than they ever were and she is struggling to keep up.
After years of working in Education, I  get it.

I've been coaching girls (and their mums) for years through the turbulent tween times.

I've got the training (tons of it).

But I also have the practical experience to see through the games girls play to gain power in their social group...and I name it.

This combination creates change for the girls I work with.


Powerful Me will help her:

 > Recognise and develop her innate, natural strengths, be proud of them and use them as the foundation for her future.

> Create a safe, stable social group  though self awareness and a deep resepect for herself and others.

>Understand and develop the courage it takes to stand up for herself and others respectfully.

>Recognise her emotions and understand what is really going on underneath the surface.

>Develop resiliency to bounce back after disappointments. 

>Understand that she has personal power and how to use it responsibly

Powerful Me will give you a shared language​​​​​​​

And when things get rough, because they will; 
You will have already had relevant conversations to refer to,
an anchor for the turbulent times.

Powerful Me Includes
Six weeks of practical, tried and tested ideas that WORK with tween (and teen) girls. Trust me, after years working in schools (and having a daughter myself), I know what works...and what doesn't.
Weekly e-guides delivered straight to your inbox that you and your tween access at your own pace. Use them now and revisit them when you need. Or stash them away for an unexpected social storm.
Powerful content that all tweens need to build resilience and emotional intelligence for successful navigation of the teen years.
Videos created especially for your daughter, information for you, printable resources your daughter can work through and links to valuable resources.  
Inspiration to spark new ideas and conversation between you and your tween helping build a valuable connection.
Access to Bec through a private members-only Facebook community to keep you focussed and supported while you build a stronger relationship with your tween daughter.

We worked through the course at our own pace and from week 1 it opened some great opportunities to talk with her about her strengths and weaknesses. We are using those discoveries to explore her emotions and establish how she can be curious and learn more about herself. The program has also given us a basis to talk about friendships without having to ask the, “How was your day?”, “What went well at school?” or “Who did you play with?” type of questions. 
My daughter is enjoying it because she is driving the program and having time to think about herself and how she is developing. Thank-you so much for setting it up. 
Sally- Queesland
​​​​​Powerful Me  Community Member

I met "Mrs Eli' when I was 16 and completing my final year of school. Not only was she an amazing foundation for a girl to turn to for advice, but she was also there for everything else in between. I feel so strongly that Bec is the perfect person to teach because she leads by example. Her teaching style is more of a mentor and she has an amazing way of being able to listen and connect with evey child and teach them depending on their way of learning. I know this first hand. 
Jessica - Darwin, NT.
​​​​​Previous Student

Wow, what a program! With a daughter who gets VERY anxious about most things this was a god send. From Sunday night's de-clutter (insert little meltdown from her) to planning our week & reflecting on what we are grateful for she had an amazing 1st week back at school. It opened up a lot of dialogue between us & our whole house was certainly a lot calmer. Can't wait to see what else there is to come!  
Whyalla, South Australia
'Light Up' Participant


Six Weeks Of Modules 
Week 1
Own Your Superpowers
Recognise and develop her strengths based on 24 research based character strengths. Recognise them, develop them, totally rock them!
Week 2
Emotions Yes Drama No
Emotional intelligence starts with being able to recognise feelings in her body and the way they are influencing her thoughts and emotions. 'Yes' to all the feels. But a total 'No' to emotional drama. She's brighter than that. 
Week 3
Courageous You
Defining courage and highlighting the many different ways she'll show up and be courageous in her life. If she's going to step into her power, she's going to need a well developed courage muscle!
Week 4
Support Squads & Self
Having a criteria for her friendship crew is important. This week is all about how to determine if someone has proven their credibility through consistent action. She's also asked to reflect on her behaviour against the same criteria. 
Week 5
It's Not You, It's Me
Personal responsiblity is this weeks theme. Being responsible for her reactions to others, her reactions to feelings and practicing some powerful self management skills for managing herself and conflict or disagreements.
Week 6
Where To Now?
All the learnings from the past 5 weeks will be pulled together this week along with more ideas and tips for continuing the personal growth beyond the final week of the course.
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  • >Lifetime access to the full six week program for the entire life of the course.

    It's the investment that keeps on giving. Everytime the course is update or new content added, you get it, with nothing else to pay.
  • >Access to the private Powerful Me Community where you can ask questions and share experiences with a community of like minded parents.
Yes Please!  
About Girl Empowered

Girl Empowered is the ultimate resource for parents of tween girls.

It is created with love by Bec Eli, an experienced Educator, school leader and mum of three gorgeous little souls. She has been involved in student wellbeing in schools for sixteen years as a class teacher, wellbeing coordinator and Assistant Prinicpal. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor who has created a unique blend of sensible school and heart led personal development for tweens and teens.

The intention of Girl Empowered is to create a reliable source of information and collection of ever expanding tools that help you understand your daughter, connect with each other through deeper understanding and conversation and empower her with age appropriate information to help her thrive.